Ilona Skorupa

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revealed the missing link between resistive switching and memristors. In addition to being used in the next generation nonvolatile memories , the memristor is also a promising candidate to extend Moore's law beyond physical limits and implement beyond von-Neumann computing because only one memristor is needed to compute and store basic logic functions(More)
Memristive devices are popular among neuromorphic engineers for their ability to emulate forms of spike-driven synaptic plasticity by applying specific voltage and current waveforms at their two terminals. In this paper, we investigate spike-timing dependent plasticity (STDP) with a single pairing of one presynaptic voltage spike and one post-synaptic(More)
BiFeO3 based MIM structures with Ti-implanted Pt bottom electrodes and Au top electrodes have been fabricated on Sapphire substrates. The resulting metal-insulator-metal (MIM) structures show bipolar resistive switching without an electroforming process. It is evidenced that during the BiFeO3 thin film growth Ti diffuses into the BiFeO3 layer. The diffused(More)
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