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The 180 kDa transmembrane collagen XVII is known to anchor undifferentiated keratinocytes to the basement membrane in hemidesmosomes while constitutively shedding a 120 kDa ectodomain. Inherited mutations or auto-antibodies targeting collagen XVII cause blistering skin disease. Collagen XVII is down-regulated in mature keratinocytes but re-expressed in skin(More)
We have previously demonstrated that the E3 ligase Human Constitutive Photomorphogenic Protein (huCOP1) is expressed in human keratinocytes and negatively regulates p53. The MutS homolog 2 (MSH2) protein plays a central role in DNA MMR mechanism and is implicated in the cellular response to anticancer agents, such as cisplatin. Our aim was to clarify(More)
The oxidative stress and the released heme molecule of degrading red blood cells during hemodialysis induce the expression of heme oxygenase 1 gene (HMOX1). The goal of our study was to measure the expression of HMOX1 during dialysis and compare it with the common oxidative markers. We established a cRT-PCR (competitive reverse transcriptase PCR) method to(More)
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