Ilona M Zimmermann

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In-depth analysis of protein-protein interaction specificities of the MYB protein family of Arabidopsis thaliana revealed a conserved amino acid signature ([DE]Lx(2)[RK]x(3)Lx(6)Lx(3)R) as the structural basis for interaction between MYB and R/B-like BHLH proteins. The motif has successfully been used to predict new MYB/BHLH interactions for A. thaliana(More)
The actin-nucleating ARP2-ARP3 complex controls cell shape in plants in many different cell types. Its activity is controlled by a multimeric complex containing BRK1 (also known as HSPC300), NAP1, SRA1, ABI and SCAR/WAVE. In this study, we focus on the function of the five putative SCAR homologues in Arabidopsis and we provide biochemical evidence that(More)
The analysis of a group of seven trichome mutants in Arabidopsis, which all show distorted trichomes along with severe actin defects has revealed insight into the role of the actin cytoskeleton in cell shape control. Four of the corresponding genes encode components of a protein complex, the ARP2/3 complex that stimulates the production of ‘fine actin’ at(More)
The present work deals with the modeling of evolving crystal orientation microstructures in finite polycrystal plasticity and its impact on the macroscopic material behavior by means of a two-scale approach. A micro-mechanical plasticity model is developed that locally accounts for microscopic structural changes in the form of grain reorientations. The(More)
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