Ilona Kovács

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Two relevant dimensions are revealed within which developmental patterns of perceptual organization might be investigated. Within the local-integrative dimension, employing a contour integration task, we found indications that spatial integration develops slowly. We also found reduced contextual modulation of a local target in children employing the(More)
We describe a region-based shape representation that might be particularly useful from a biological perspective because it promotes the localization of objects, and object parts relative to each other. The proposed medial-point representation is similar to medial-axis type representations, but it is more compact. The medial points are those points along the(More)
The Cognitive Neuroscience Treatment Research to Improve Cognition in Schizophrenia initiative highlighted a contour integration test as a promising index of visual integration impairment because of its well-established psychometric properties; its prior validation in healthy adults, patients, and nonhuman primates; and its potential sensitivity to(More)
Behavioral and electrophysiological studies of schizophrenia have consistently demonstrated impairments in the integration of visual features into unified perceptual representations. Specific brain regions involved in this dysfunction, however, remain to be clarified. This study used functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to examine the relative(More)
Previous studies have suggested that the integration of orientation information across space is impaired in amblyopia. We developed a method for quantifying orientation-domain processing using a test format that is suitable for clinical application. The test comprises a graded series of cards where each card includes a closed path (contour) of high contrast(More)
PURPOSE Sprinting, bouncing, and spontaneous landings are associated with a forefoot contact whereas walking, running, and jumping are associated with heel-toe foot placement. Because such foot placement strategies influence landing mechanics or the ensuing performance, the purpose of this work was to compare lower extremity kinematics and kinetics and(More)
Recently, functional cannabinoid receptor-1 (CB1) and vanilloid receptor-1 (TRPV1) have been described in human prostate and prostate cancer-derived cell lines where the activation of the receptors resulted in inhibition of cellular growth. We, however, lack the description of the expression of these molecules in human prostate cancer (PCC) and in benign(More)
Random dot patterns and white-noise luminance textures are widely used in psychophysical experiments to study low-level visual processes. Because these noise patterns are broadband, bandpass filtered versions are employed to limit their frequency content. It is not recognized, however, that bandpass noise patterns have amplitude-modulation (AM) components.(More)
Long-range horizontal interactions supporting contour integration were found to be weaker in children than in adults (Kovács et al, 1999 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 96 12204-12209). In the present study, integration on a larger scale, between a target and its context was investigated. Contextual modulation of the percept of a(More)
We examined whether an agnosic patient with a deficit in early visual processing, HJA, completed occluded contours. We used matching tasks with stimuli composed of three superimposed or occluded shapes. Experiments 2 and 6 required superimposed or occluded shapes to be discriminated from distractors in which the position of one shape was changed. HJA was(More)