Ilona Bęczkowska

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Dark-adapted rods exert a tonic suppressive influence upon cone-mediated sensitivity to rapid flicker, a phenomenon called suppressive rod-cone interaction (SRCI). However, rod dark adaptation has negligible influence upon cone-mediated thresholds measured with more usual psychophysical procedures. The present study separately examined the influences of rod(More)
The paper describes the fabrication and application of a novel sensor (a boron-doped diamond electrode modified with Nafion and lead films) for the simultaneous determination of paracetamol and ascorbic acid by differential pulse voltammetry. The main advantage of the lead film and polymer covered boron-doped diamond electrode is that the sensitivity of the(More)
This paper presents a sensitive, selective and low-cost voltammetric method for the determination of caffeine using a Nafion covered lead film electrode. The sensor was prepared on a glassy carbon electrode modified with lead film recovered by a Nafion layer. Caffeine was accumulated and then oxidised at the modified electrode surface to produce two anodic(More)
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