Ilomo Hwaiwhanje

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BACKGROUND Mortality from severe pediatric falciparum malaria appears low in Oceania but Plasmodium vivax is increasingly recognized as a cause of complications and death. The features and prognosis of mixed Plasmodium species infections are poorly characterized. Detailed prospective studies that include accurate malaria diagnosis and detection of(More)
Predictors of acute bacterial meningitis (ABM) were assessed in 554 children in Papua New Guinea 0.2-10 years of age who were hospitalized with culture-proven meningitis, probable meningitis, or non-meningitic illness investigated by lumbar puncture. Forty-seven (8.5%) had proven meningitis and 36 (6.5%) had probable meningitis. Neck stiffness, Kernig's and(More)
BACKGROUND Viral central nervous system (CNS) infections are common in countries where malaria is endemic but, due to limited laboratory facilities, few studies have systematically examined the prevalence and clinical consequences of the presence of viruses in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from children with suspected CNS infection. METHODS We performed a(More)
Although the artemisinin-associated neurotoxicity identified in vitro and in animal studies has not been confirmed clinically, only one adult study has measured cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) concentrations after administration of conventional doses. Potential artemisinin neurotoxicity could be serious in children, especially those with meningitis and,(More)
INTRODUCTION subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a late, rare and usually fatal complication of measles infection. Although a very high incidence of SSPE in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was first recognized 20 years ago, estimated measles vaccine coverage has remained at ≤ 70% since and a large measles epidemic occurred in 2002. We report a series of 22(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the utility of laboratory methods other than bacterial culture in diagnosing acute bacterial meningitis (ABM). METHODS Bayesian latent class analysis was used to estimate diagnostic precision of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) culture, leucocyte counts and protein concentrations for ABM in Melanesian children. RESULTS With a cut-off of(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of acute bacterial meningitis (ABM) is challenging in resource-limited settings where cerebral malaria and viral encephalitis are also common. METHODS To assess the accuracy of an initial clinical diagnosis of ABM in a malaria-endemic area of Papua New Guinea (PNG), a retrospective chart review of hospitalized children aged 2(More)
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