Illya Stepanov

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Mobility of users significantly impacts performance of a mobile ad-hoc network. Most existing simulation tools offer only a few random mobility models, which poorly reflect user movements in outdoor scenarios. For example, they do not consider restrictions of a spatial environment. In this paper, we describe a comprehensive and extensible approach to model(More)
Absfrad -Mobility patterns play an important role for performanee evaluations of mobile networks. To simulate user movement, existing simulation tools provide only n few simple mobility models (e.g., random movement) suitable for particular scenarios. To evaluate a new scenario, an appropriate model needs to be created, but this requires extra work that(More)
Network simulation tools are frequently used to analyze performance of MANET protocols and applications. They commonly offer only simple radio propagation models that neglect obstacles of a propagation environment. In this paper, we integrate a more accurate radio propagation model into a simulation tool. The model is based on ray tracing and considers(More)
MRI scans were obtained of the cervical section of the spinal cords of 30 patients with remitting multiple sclerosis. During the study period, patients received immunomodulatory agents (seven received interferon β-1a, 13 received interferon β-1b, and 10 received glatiramer acetate). Total focus volume in brain matter was assessed before and after treatment,(More)
The Yaroslavl region is an endemic area for Lyme disease (LD) with one of the highest levels of morbidity in Russia. Chronic neuroborreliosis can mimic multiple sclerosis and cause considerable difficulties in differential diagnosis. A comparative clinical-instrumental analysis of patients with definite multiple sclerosis (n=65) and chronic borrelial(More)