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Sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks are easily exposed to open and unprotected regions. A security solution is strongly recommended to prevent networks against malicious attacks. Although many intrusion detection systems have been developed, most systems are difficult to implement for the sensor nodes owing to limited computation resources. To address(More)
ion. Regarding Korean psych-adjectives and their -e hacounterparts, e.i., [psychadjective + -e ha-] constructions, what is at issue is how to capture the semantic difference and similarity between the two. Concerning this issue, one of the most controversial and difficult problems is whether the psych-construction has Action (Agency) as part of its meaning.(More)
Empirical data in a scientific inquiry hide many things that cannot be uncovered until the field reaches a certain level of maturity. NASA scientists have collected seismic signals from the lunar surface from the 1970s, but they had to wait 40 years before they finally came to learn, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of the computer analysis, that(More)
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