Ilknur Karadeniz

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SUMMARY Knowledge of pathogen-host protein interactions is required to better understand infection mechanisms. The pathogen-host interaction search tool (PHISTO) is a web-accessible platform that provides relevant information about pathogen-host interactions (PHIs). It enables access to the most up-to-date PHI data for all pathogen types for which(More)
The absence of a comprehensive database of locations where bacteria live is an important obstacle for biologists to understand and study the interactions between bacteria and their habitats. This paper reports the results to a challenge, set forth by the Bacteria Biotopes Task of the BioNLP Shared Task 2013. Two systems are explained: Sub-task 1 system for(More)
Brucella is an intracellular bacterium that causes chronic brucellosis in humans and various mammals. The identification of host-Brucella interaction is crucial to understand host immunity against Brucella infection and Brucella pathogenesis against host immune responses. Most of the information about the inter-species interactions between host and Brucella(More)
Information regarding bacteria biotopes is important for several research areas including health sciences, microbiology, and food processing and preservation. One of the challenges for scientists in these domains is the huge amount of information buried in the text of electronic resources. Developing methods to automatically extract bacteria habitat(More)
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