Ilknur Durukan

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Indoor aerosol exposure has become of major interest since health hazards arising from fine and ultrafine dust particles have become more evident. The study presented here is dedicated to fine and ultrafine dust characterization and determination in more than 150 private residences with special respect to a phenomenon of enhanced soiling. In the scientific(More)
In the present study, the bioremoval of arsenic from synthetic acidic wastewater containing arsenate (As(5+)) (0.5-20mg/L), ferrous iron (Fe(2+)) (100-200mg/L) and sulfate (2,000 mg/L) was investigated in an ethanol fed (780-1,560 mg/L chemical oxygen demand (COD)) anaerobic up-flow fixed bed column bioreactor at constant hydraulic retention time (HRT) of(More)
In this article, a new ligandless solidified floating organic drop microextraction (LL-SFODME) method has been developed for preconcentration of trace amount of cadmium as a prior step to its determination by flow injection-flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FI-FAAS). The methodology is based on the SFODME of cadmium with 1-dodecanol in the absence of(More)
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