Ilkka Pitkänen

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The melting behaviour of d-sucrose, d-glucose and d-fructose was studied. The melting peaks were determined with DSC and the start of decomposition was studied with TG at different rates of heating. In addition, melting points were determined with a melting point apparatus. The samples were identified as d-sucrose, alpha-d-glucopyranose and(More)
A method was developed for the quantification of low levels of amorphous content in sucrose with hyperDSC. The method was based on the fact that the change of specific heat at the glass transition is linearly proportional to the amorphous content. It was found out that as annealing time increased, the glass transition temperature moved to a higher(More)
The investigation of europium(III) sulphate hydrate and samarium(III) sulphate hydrate was performed by thermal analysis (TG-DTG) and simultaneous infrared evolved gas analysis-Fourier transformed infrared (EGA-FTIR) spectroscopy. The TG, DTG and DTA curves were recorded at the 25-1400 degrees C in the dynamic air atmosphere by TG/DTA analyser. The infrared(More)
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