Ilker Yengin

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Different types of prototypes may have different effect on mobile phone interface design processes. Understanding these effects may help designers to evaluate design options in depth. Empirically derived research results may provide a realistic ways for evaluations. Confirming and extending our previous research study, this study investigates the effect of(More)
Electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of the oldest techniques available to read brain data. It is a methodology to measure and record the electrical activity of brain using sensitive sensors attached to the scalp. Brain's electrical activity is visualized on computers in form of signals through BCI tools. It is also possible to convert these signals into(More)
In this study, the implemented learning system(LS) explained which create an active learning environment by enhancing students critical thinking with aid of several computer applications. The developed computer tools are intending to support an active learning with dynamic cognitive mappings, movies for classroom discussion, flash cards where grouping(More)
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