Ilker Kalayci

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Since GPS technology which is intensively used in surveying application today, can not directly be employed to measure some details such as building boundaries, it is still a necessity to establish control points on the ground and coordinate them by GPS and then measure the details by a total station set up on these control points. Establishment of control(More)
In this study a proposal is made to classify the maqams of songs in Turkish Maqam Music. The MIRToolbox (a toolbox for MATLAB) is used to extract the features which are used in audio and music processing. Obtained data are preprocessed by principal component analysis. The songs are clustered by k-means algorithm and classified by feed forward artificial(More)
In this study a model for data reliability in wireless sensor networks is proposed, in which machine learning methods are used. Proposed framework includes data modelling, missing data prediction, anomaly detection, data fusion and trust mechanism phases. Thus, temporal analysis is performed on the preprocessed sensor data and missing data are predicated.(More)
GPS Virtual Station technique fundamentally depends on determination of a virtual point by GPS that is just about 1,5 meters above the ground or a platform surface and then to the use of it by other surveying and/or photogrammetric instruments such as a total station and/or a camera. Thus, the technique offers a challenge in terrestrial photogrammetry to(More)
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