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Boundary-Scan testing has become increasingly popular in the research & development and the manufacturing of modern electronics. Simple boards and complex multiboard systems can effectively be tested using the IEEE1149.1 standard compliant equipment from the product design phase through to mainstream manufacturing. However, in situations of field-level(More)
The understanding of complex environmental phenomena, such as deforestation and epidemics, requires observations at multiple scales. This scale dependency is not handled well by today’s rather technical sensor definitions. Geosensor networks are normally defined as distributed ad-hoc wireless networks of computing platforms serving to monitor phenomena in(More)
Regular transistor layout (RTL) is expected to reduce the process variation, increase the fabrication yield and improve the device reliability in nanometer CMOS technologies. Although the penalty in design flexibility seems to be obvious, in terms of area optimization and circuit performance, deep and extensive investigations must be done in order to(More)
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