Ilja Kucevalovs

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String theory in physics and molecular biology use p-adic numbers as a tool to describe properties of microworld in a more adequate way. We consider a notion of automata and Turing machines using p-adic numbers to describe random branching of the process of computation. We prove that Turing machines of this type can have advantages in reversal complexity(More)
K.Iwama and R.Freivalds [11] considered query algorithms where the black box contains a permutation. Since then several authors have compared quantum and deterministic query algorithms for permutations. It turns out that the case of n-permutations where n is an odd number is difficult. There was no example of permutation problem where quantization can save(More)
Probabilistic computations and frequency computations were invented for the same purpose, namely, to study possible advantages of technology involving random choices. Recently several authors have discovered close relationships of these generalizations of deterministic computations to computations taking advice. Various forms of computation taking advice(More)
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