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In today's economic turmoil, the pay-per-use pricing model of cloud computing, its flexibility and scalability and the potential for better security and availability levels are alluring to both SMEs and large enterprises. However, cloud computing is fraught with security risks which need to be carefully evaluated before any engagement in this area. This(More)
Pollution, congestion and urbanistic considerations are leading to a change in the use of private vehicles in dense city centers. More frequently, the last-mile is covered with systems such as public transport, car sharing and bike sharing as well as an increase in walking and cycling. Following this trend, we assume a hypothetical scenario where the use of(More)
This paper reviews the World Data System (WDS), which is a multidisciplinary structure of the International Council for Science. This system is intended to support a coordinated global approach to scientific data and information. It operates as a set of portals that are connected to a common database of metadata, which contains the details about information(More)
We propose a modeling framework for the data generating process of waste disposal in recyclable waste containers. It is based on a discrete mixture of count data models representing populations depositing different quantities in the containers, thus reflecting a realistic underlying behavior. It is tested on real data coming from ultrasound sensors mounted(More)
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