Ilias S. Kevork

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Three estimation policies for the optimal order quantity of the classical newsvendor model under exponential demand are evaluated in the current paper. According to the principle of the first estimation policy, the corresponding estimator is obtained replacing in the theoretical formula which gives the optimal order quantity the parameter of exponential(More)
This paper considers the classical newsvendor model when, (a) demand is autocorrelated, (b) the parameters of the marginal distribution of demand are unknown, and (c) historical data for demand are available for a sample of successive periods. An estimator for the optimal order quantity is developed by replacing in the theoretical formula which gives this(More)
Our paper by adopting the latest advances on the probabilistic characterization of directional distance functions as has been introduced by Daraio and Simar [Eur. J. Operat. Res. 237 (2014) 358-369], develops a Malmquist productivity index and presents its main decompositions. Specifically, the proposed productivity index is based on the probabilistic(More)
In this study we examine in covariance stationary time series the consequences of constructing confidence intervals for the population mean using the classical methodology based on the hypothesis of independence. As criteria we use the actual probability the confidence interval of the classical methodology to include the population mean (actual confidence(More)
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