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Identification of genetic predisposition to cardiac sarcoidosis could play a critical role in the detection of sub-clinical forms of the disease. The aim of this study was to investigate the possible correlations between the emergence of cardiac sarcoidosis and the -1.031T/C, -857C/T, -308G/A, and -238G/A Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNFA) polymorphisms in a(More)
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), interacting with its receptor (FSHR), participates in the production of spermatozoa and androgens. Androgens exert their effects on male sex determination, development and sperm production by binding to androgen receptor (AR). In the present study, we sought to explore the potential synergistic effects of FSHR and AR gene(More)
STUDY QUESTION Does synergism between AR(CAG)(n) and CYP19(TTTA)(n) polymorphisms influence the quality of sperm? SUMMARY ANSWER AR(CAG)(n) and CYP19(TTTA)(n) polymorphisms had a synergistic effect on sperm concentration and motility. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Androgens exert their action in the testicular tissue by binding to androgen receptor (AR), while(More)
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