Ilias Foudalis

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We propose a generative model for social networks, both undirected and directed, that takes into account two fundamental characteristics of the user: background (specifically, the real world groups to which the user belongs); and behavior (namely, the ways in which the user engages in surfing activity and occasionally adds links to other users encountered(More)
This paper introduces and evaluates several new models of the Internet graph, inspired by the model proposed by Fabrikant, Koutsoupias, and Papadimitriou (FKP), in which connections are chosen based on a tradeoff between a geometric objective and a topology objective. For each new node, the proposed models add at least two edges which optimize in addition(More)
We introduce and evaluate several new models of network growth. Our models are extensions of the FKP model, modifying and improving it in various dimensions. In all these models nodes arrive one by one, and each node is connected to previous nodes by optimizing a trade-off between a geometric objective (“last mile cost”) and a topological objective(More)
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