Ilias Bergstrom

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Studies on the potential benefits of conveying biofeedback stimulus using a musical signal have appeared in recent years with the intent of harnessing the strong effects that music listening may have on subjects. While results are encouraging, the fundamental question has yet to be addressed, of how combined music and biofeedback compares to the already(More)
In most contemporary forms of musical and other technologically mediated artistic performance, systems are used where digital control information is transmitted from the interfaces used by the performers, to the devices producing the intended output. There is considerable ongoing discussion regarding how this control data is mapped between its source and(More)
It has been shown that it is possible to generate perceptual illusions of ownership in immersive virtual reality (IVR) over a virtual body seen from first person perspective, in other words over a body that visually substitutes the person's real body. This can occur even when the virtual body is quite different in appearance from the person's real body.(More)
Two affected individuals of the Swedish family with CDA, type III, in which the disease is transmitted as an autosomal dominant character, were studied. Both cases displayed features hitherto undescribed in this family but described in patients with CDA, type III, in whom the inheritance may have been as an autosomal recessive character. Such features were:(More)
How diverse are the ways that programming is done? While a variety of accounts exist, each appears in isolation, neither framed in terms of a distinct practice, nor as one of many such practices. In this work we explore accounts spanning software engineering, bricolage/tinkering, sketching, live coding, code-bending, and hacking. These practices of(More)
Music is a potent mood regulator that can induce relaxation and reduce anxiety in different situations. While several studies demonstrate that certain types of music have a subjective anxiolytic effect, the reported results from physiological responses are less conclusive. Virtual reality allows us to study diverse scenarios of real life under strict(More)
We introduce two complementary OSC schemata for two contexts of use. The first is for the complete description of an OSC namespace: detailing the full set of messages each OSCenabled system can receive or send, alongside choice metadata we deem necessary to make full use of each system’s description. The second context of use is a snapshot (partial or full)(More)