Iliana Delgado

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to quantify the mAb CB.Hep-1 during downstream purification process was standardized and validated. This assay is characterized by a short time of incubation at high temperature, allowing the detection of this antibody with high specificity and sensitivity. Detection of antigen-antibody reaction was achieved using a(More)
Immunopurification is one of the most effective chromatography steps to purify the hepatitis B surface antigen, which have successfully been used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient of hepatitis B vaccines. Plant-derived antibodies could be an appropriated ligand for such purposes because plants are the most cost-effective production systems and have the(More)
Twelve Holstein and Brown Swiss cows participated in a replicated and balanced 3 x 3 Latin square experiment with 4-wk periods to test three commercial concentrate feeds as supplements to grazing at 4 cows/ha on mixed grass herbage of 6.94% mean CP. Available herbage DM was estimated at 27.5, 21.7, and 15.1 kg/cow per d in successive periods. Excessive(More)
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