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In the current study, the authors used an immediate repetition paradigm with pictures to observe whether repetition enhances word production in bilinguals. In Experiment 1, participants were asked to name pictures that were named previously in the same language (Spanish-Spanish or English-English) or in the opposite language (Spanish-English or(More)
  • Susan Ervin-Tripp, Martin Lampert, Elena Escalera, Iliana Reyes, Paul Revere
  • 2006
In this election year, we are hearing a lot of attack humor. We hear that the former governor of Texas, Bush, is Vice-President Cheney's young protégé, or that the reason he needed Cheney at the hearings on preparing for 9/11 is that he is still on training wheels. We have always had political humor. A generation ago, Dick Gregory was a well-known African(More)
This study investigates the contribution of grammatical gender to integrating depicted nouns into sentences during on-line comprehension, and whether semantic congruity and gender agreement interact using two tasks: naming and semantic judgement of pictures. Native Spanish speakers comprehended spoken Spanish sentences with an embedded line drawing, which(More)
This report presents final results from a summative evaluation of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program (GMS) using longitudinal data collected on early cohorts of recipients. The report details the evaluation design; provides an analysis of outcome measures related to postsecondary access and opportunity, postsecondary completion, and leadership(More)
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