Iliana Benzaquen

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Autogenous graft tissue is better than homologous and heterologous tissue for the improvement of body contour to eliminate deep defects in the skin surface. This paper presents techniques for fat-graft injection obtained from liposuction and the instruments specially designed for this procedure. An analytical study is presented, and the final results(More)
Different techniques for processing adipose tissue were tested in 40 Swiss Albino female mice. Our study established that the use of insulin did not show any positive effect on survival of adipocytes during their transplantation. Likewise, the use of a centrifuge machine, at high or low speed, for separating the adipose tissue components, completely(More)
The authors present their experience with breast augmentation using endoscopy. They use an axillary approach to insert inflatable breast implants above the pectoralis muscle. The advantages of this method are that it is more comfortable to the patient, recovery is faster, it leaves no scars on the breasts, and there is no change in sensation.
Surgery is a successful method for the treatment of alopecia. In particular, use of a parietal-occipital flap in a 3-stage operation has given satisfactory results with few serious complications to patients treated over the past 15 years by the authors. The technique is described and the results in several patients are portrayed.
In 1981, we started performing minor suction curettage with the elements available at that time. In the course of surgical practice, we have modified the suction system and devised a new pattern of suction cannulas adapted for this kind of operation, with all possible variants. During this period, we have treated 150 patients, ranging in age from 17 to 63(More)
The results of grafts of fat obtained through liposuction are presented. They are the outcome of the current revitalization of the old technique of fat extraction and transplant. Both doctor and patient should be aware that a successful treatment is achieved through continuity. Fat grafts evolve with respect to time and permanence with reabsorption a part(More)
Long sun exposure, in addition to ozone layer damage, produces structural damase to the normal skin. Injury to the dermal collagen and elastic fiber results in facial wrinkles. Photodamage to the skin is one of the most common sources of concern for patients visiting the plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Over the years, many alternative solutions have been(More)
This paper present the method and technical description of the fat graft injection with the material obtained from the same patient (donor area) to correct the affected area (receptor), and also have the finality to remark the good aesthetic results and the patient acceptance. A comparative of the procedure advantage with other filling materials is(More)
The technique and results of a new scalp flap that solves frontal baldness are described. As a bipediculate flap it offers a great amount of hair when advanced and has a low rate of complications. This kind of flap has been used by us for four years in 36 patients in the age group between 20 and 60 years. The results obtained with the flap have been very(More)