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Today " s production systems face the challenge of high dynamics and rising complexity which calls for new ways of production planning and control. Autonomous control in logistics lets each logistic object take its own decisions and thus leads to a shift from central planning in advance to production control in real time. This paper presents the results of(More)
Acknowledgements This paper would not have been possible without the assistance, advice and knowledge of a number of people both at Oxford and in Bulgaria. I am indebted to their kindness and support in addition to the invaluable insights and information that they brought to my examination of the topic. I would like in particular to thank: Mike Mason from(More)
INTRODUCTION Anti-3-hydroxy-3-méthylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase antibody-associated necrotizing autoimmune myopathy has been recently described (2011). This myopathy is distinct from statin toxic myopathy. Our objective is to report on the clinical and para-clinical characteristics of this myopathy and to show the difficulties of therapeutic care. CASE(More)
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