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The red eye artifacts are troublesome problem of consumer photos. Correction of red eyes without user intervention is an important task. The novel method of automatic detection of red eyes is proposed. This approach is based on application of color information via 3D tables and edge information via directional edge detection filters. For classification a(More)
The problem of automatic detection of regions of interest (ROI) on color photos is considered. The efficiency of Viola-Jones face detector implemented in Intel OpenCV library is analyzed. The image size dependence of the algorithm characteristics is studied. It is shown that there are 2 significant drawbacks of this face detection algorithm as applied to(More)
The ascending approach to segmentation of scanned documents in the area of background, text, and photographs is considered. In the first stage, the image is divided into blocks. For each block, a series of texture features is calculated. On the basis of these features, the type of the block is determined. Various positions and sizes of blocks, 26 texture(More)
We propose an approach for embedding of imperceptible hidden data into printed text document with ability to extract this data during scanning. Our approach is based on intrusion of cluster of small black dots (patterns) with predefined positional-independent structure into the document. Such intrusion will not visibly deteriorate document itself. Proposed(More)
A bottom-up approach to segmentation of a scanned document into background, text, and image regions is considered. The image is partitioned into blocks at the first step. A series of texture features is computed for each block. The block type is determined on the basis of these features. Different variants of block arrangement and size, 26 texture(More)
For industrial quality control of foam-rubber material, it is required to measure volume of the sample. A new approach is proposed to measure sample volume by images of sample faces. Faces images are got via flatbed scanner. The faces images are processed and the sample is approximated by hexahedron. Then the sample volume is calculated analytically. Also(More)