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The modern impact of precolonial centralization in Africa
We empirically assess the possibility, stressed by African scholars, that stronger precolonial political institutions allowed colonial and postcolonial African governments to better implementExpand
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Does the Leader’s Ethnicity Matter? Ethnic Favoritism, Education and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa
In this paper we reassess the role of ethnic favoritism in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using data from 18 African countries, we study how primary education and infant mortality of ethnic groups were affectedExpand
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The Modern Impact of Precolonial Centralization in Africa
We assess, theoretically and empirically, the view that precolonial political institutions shaped the performance of colonial and postcolonial African governments. Using anthropological data, we findExpand
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How is Power Shared in Africa?
Is African politics characterized by concentrated power in the hands of a narrow group (ethnically determined) that then fluctuates from one extreme to another via frequent coups? Employing data onExpand
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Precolonial Centralization and Institutional Quality in Africa
We find that the centralized precolonial political institutions of African ethnic groups reduced corruption and fostered the rule of law in colonial and postcolonial Africa. These results complementExpand
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New Tools for the Analysis of Political Power in Africa
The study of autocracies and weakly institutionalized countries is plagued by scarcity of information about the relative strength of different players within the political system. This paper presentsExpand
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Anthropological-medical aspects of feeding behavior of children in modern society
Background: The field of nutrition research have shown that an appropriate nutritional balance for each professional occupation, age and environment in which the individual lives, is the idealExpand
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Do Black Mayors Improve Black Employment Outcomes? Evidence from Large U.S. Cities
To what extent do politicians reward voters who are members of their own ethnic or racial group? Using data from large cities in the United States, we study how black employment outcomes are affectedExpand
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The Dictator's Inner Circle
We posit the problem of an autocrat who has to allocate access to the executive positions in his inner circle and de…ne the career pro…le of his own insiders. Statically, granting access to anExpand
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Model of cosmic cyclicity of terrestrial human activities
The paper has in view to continue and develop the human models that lie at the basis of Informational Anthropology (Guja, 2008) and Individual's Anthropology (Guja, 1989), by placing the human beingExpand
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