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We assess, empirically and theoretically, the role of precolonial political institutions in shaping the performance of colonial and postcolonial African governments. Using anthropological data, we document a strong positive association between the provision of public goods such as education, health and infrastructure in African countries and the(More)
Siebenjährige eingetopfte Fichten verschiedener österreichischer Tief- und Hochlagenherkünfte wurden in einem klimatisierten Windkanal zu verschiedenen Zeitpunkten während des Winterhalbjahres tiefen Temperaturen ausgesetzt und hiernach der Schadensgrad der Nadeln bestimmt. Bei allen Versuchen wurden bei derselben Frosteinwirkung Tieflagenherkünfte stärker(More)
In this paper we reassess the role of ethnic favoritism in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using data from 18 African countries, we study how primary education and infant mortality of ethnic groups were affected by changes in the ethnicity of the countries’ leaders during the last fifty years. Our results indicate that the effects of ethnic favoritism are large and(More)
  • Yevgeny Mugermana, Orly Sadea, +10 authors Avi Wohl
  • 2015
In 2005, a drastic reform in the Israeli capital market shifted the power to choose savings vehicles from employers to individuals. Using a unique dataset from a large employer, this event provides us a rare window into individuals’ savings decisions and the effect of their social environment. In the first year following the reform’s implementation, 7% of(More)
To what extent do politicians reward voters who are members of their own ethnic or racial group? Using data from large cities in the United States, we study how black employment outcomes are affected by changes in the race of the cities’ mayors between 1973 and 2004. We find that black employment and labor force participation rise, and the black(More)
Beginning in the mid-eighteenth century England started to change its system of raising revenues from tax-farming and the granting of monopolies to direct collection within the government administration. As a result, the English public finances dramatically improved and corruption was reduced both compared to the old system and compared to its major(More)
We investigate the evolution of common law under overruling, a system of precedent change in which appellate courts replace existing legal rules with new ones. We use a legal realist model, in which judges change the law to reflect their own preferences or attitudes, but changing the law is costly to them. The model’s predictions are consistent with the(More)
We posit the problem of an autocrat who has to allocate access to the executive positions in his inner circle and de…ne the career pro…le of his insiders. The leader monitors the capacity of staging a coup by his subordinates and the incentives of trading a subordinate’s own position for a potential shot at the leadership. These theoretical elements map(More)