Ilia N Vialshin

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Our knowledge of the properties and dynamics of complex molecular reaction networks, for example those found in living systems, considerably lags behind the understanding of elementary chemical reactions. In part, this is because chemical reactions networks are nonlinear systems that operate under conditions far from equilibrium. Of particular interest is(More)
The creation of adaptive matter is heavily inspired by biological systems. However, it remains challenging to design complex material responses that are governed by reaction networks, which lie at the heart of cellular complexity. The main reason for this slow progress is the lack of a general strategy to integrate reaction networks with materials. Herein(More)
Living systems rely on complex networks of chemical reactions to control the concentrations of molecules in space and time. Despite the enormous complexity in biological networks, it is possible to identify network motifs that lead to functional outputs such as bistability or oscillations. One of the greatest challenges in chemistry is the creation of such(More)
Here, we report a convenient experimental platform to study the diffusion of Ca(2+) in the presence of a Ca(2+)-binding protein (Calbindin D28k). This work opens up new possibilities to elucidate the physical chemistry of complex Ca(2+)-dependent reaction-diffusion networks that are abundant in living cells.
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