Ilia Kiryukhin

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The separa t ing cham be r of the cooled e l ec t rodecan te r was filled to oneth i rd of i ts volume with blood s e r u m or lymph gland t i s sue ext rac t , dialyzed against phosphate buffer (u = 0.2) of the r equ i r ed pH value. The mix ture of p ro te ins was fed into the separa t ing chamber by a pe r i s t a l t i c pump at the r a t e of 2 ml /h .(More)
The method of e lec t rofocus ing and f rac t ionat ion of p ro te ins in a pH gradient produced by means of "LKB" ampholyte c a r r i e r s has recen t ly become ve ry popular . The method has high resolv ing power, a s a r e su l t of which the he terogenei ty of blood s e r u m albumin with r e s p e c t to i t s i soe l ec t r i e points has been es tab(More)
As well as high resolut ion during the f ract ionat ion of p ro te ins differ ing only slightly in the i r i soe lec t r i c points, appa ra tuses of this type also have cer ta in disadvantages. The most impor tant of these a re the need to r emove the sucrose , the concentrat ion of which may reach 40%, in o r d e r to isola te the pure protein, and the(More)
Comparison of the proper t ies of e lect rophoret ic fract ions of t issue proteins with the se rum proteins is interest ing not only as a par t of the study of specific organ proteins and proteins common to all organs, but also in connection with the study of se rum proteins at the sites of their synthesis or breakdown. Tis sue proteins with e lect(More)
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