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Bradykinin is an endogenous inflammatory agent that enhances vascular permeability and produces tissue edema. We investigated whether LF 16-0687 Ms, a potent nonpeptide antagonist of bradykinin type-2 (B(2)) receptor, was able to reduce brain swelling and to improve the recovery of neurological function following closed head trauma (CHT) in rats. In(More)
BACKGROUND LF 16-0687 Ms previously was reported to improve Neurological Severity Score (NSS) and decrease cerebral edema and prostaglandin E(2) (PGE(2)) release after closed head trauma (CHT) in rats. Here, we examined whether these beneficial effects of LF 16-0687 Ms are altered when CHT is accompanied by acute ethanol administration. METHODS Six groups(More)
OBJECTIVE Bradykinin (B) contributes to secondary brain injury. This injury is mediated in part by prostaglandin (PG). Antagonism of B(2) receptors improves neurological status after brain injury, but the effect of B(2) antagonism on brain tissue PG is unknown. This study examined the effect of LF 16-0687 Ms, a new B(2) receptor antagonist, on brain tissue(More)
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