Ilhan K. Yalcin

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This paper presents the first results obtained from the statistical object tracker developed at Duisburg University for the test data sequence provided by the organizers of the PETS2000 workshop. Our system differs from many other systems in that respect that it does not use any motion information at all for calculating the trajectory of a moving object in(More)
The oscillating and swinging parts of a target observed by radar cause additional frequency modulation and induce sidebands in the target's Doppler frequency shift (micro-Doppler). This effect provides unique features for classification in radar systems. In this paper, the micro-Doppler spectra and range-Doppler matrices of single bird and bird flocks are(More)
In this paper, sea clutter radar plots are modeled by spatial point processes. A test procedure is proposed to analyze “Complete Spatial Randomness (CSR)” characteristics of radar plot locations. Plot intensity map is also constructed. This map is separated into two sub-regions; cutter region and moving target region. This map can be used as a(More)
In this paper, statistical modeling of clutter data measured by a noncoherent S-band marine radar mounted on a fixed position is presented. Characterization is done by finding the best fitted density function to the clutter over eight candidate distribution. Real-time parameter estimation of the predetermined distribution and automatic threshold detection(More)
In this paper, a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection system using mm-wave FMCW radar is presented. Characteristic system parameters and tower allocation procedure are provided. Land clutter signal modelling is summarized. In the land clutter modeling scenario, besides the 3-dB beam of the antenna pattern, whole pattern is also considered to obtain a more(More)
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