Ilhan Bastürk

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In this paper, an iterative EM based channel estimation algorithm is studied for STBC-OFDM systems. Compared to the time domain EM based channel estimation algorithm which needs matrix inversion, a frequency domain EM based channel estimation algorithm is proposed by estimating the channel coefficients for each subcarrier. The proposed channel estimation(More)
In this paper, a resource allocation problem for downlink multiple input-single output orthogonal frequency division multiple access (MISO-OFDMA) systems is investigated. The problem is defined as maximizing the minimum user rate with the constraints of total power and bit error rate (BER). Since it is difficult to obtain the optimal solution to this(More)
In this paper, we focus on the radio resource management problem for the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA)-based mobile relay-enhanced heterogenous cellular networks. We combine mobile relaying and data offloading scenarios to increase the capacity of the system and cope with the mobile data traffic volume that is increased by the number(More)
OFDMA-based mobile relay enhanced cellular networks which have lower infrastructure cost and larger coverage areas are important technologies for the next generation communication systems since they allow to communicate at higher data rates. However, it is required to develop efficient radio resource management algorithms in order to reveal these(More)
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