Ilham Benyahia

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— Vehicle dispatching consists of allocating real-time service requests to a fleet of moving vehicles. In this paper, each vehicle is associated with a vector of attribute values that describes its current situation with respect to new incoming service requests. Using this attribute description, a utility function aimed at approximating the decision process(More)
The field of dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling is growing at a fast pace nowadays, due to many potential applications in courier services, emergency services, truckload and less-than-truckload trucking, and many others. In this paper, a dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling problem with time windows is described where both real-time customer requests(More)
It has kmg been recogm " zed that objects are too small units of reme to tmvide anv real ieverape IDeutsch,l 9891. When a set of obiects ar; oflen; together to " u;ornp[ish aj%q " uently needed ~ask~it is worthwhik packaging them as a unit; this is what we call object jiameworks. There has been a lot of interest recently in the &sign, description, and(More)
The purpose of this workshop was to explore metamodeling concepts in the context of object-oriented software development, from a methodolog-ical perspective, namely: 1) Exploring the additional modeling constructs that are needed to model information at several levels of abstraction, 2) Exploring changes to modeling procedures/heuristics that are needed to(More)