Ilgaz Arikan

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We develop a real options perspective to explore how an entrepreneur-friendly bankruptcy law can encourage entrepreneurship development at the societal level. If bankrupt entrepreneurs are excessively punished for failure, they may let inherently high-risk but potentially high-return opportunities pass. We suggest that a more entrepreneur-friendly(More)
We also evaluated our hypotheses using two additional firm performance measures: Tobin’s Q, which is the total dollar amount market value divided by the total dollar amount replacement value of a firm in a given year) and operating revenue/total assets, which is the total dollar amount of revenue divided by total dollar amount of assets of a firm in a given(More)
1 Recent work has shown that a firm’s plural sourcing strategy, which determines how much it chooses to make versus how much it chooses to buy, requires consideration of the complementarities and constraints that affect the differential advantages of making and buying. Elaborating on this perspective, we theorize how (mis)fit between a firm’s plural(More)
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