Ileana Del Socorro Gutiérrez-Farfán

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Introduction. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can involve the incudomalleolar or incudostapedial articulations. Objective. To know the punctual prevalence of audiological alterations in patients with RA. Patients and Methods. RA patients and their controls (Cs), were evaluated by Tonal Audiometry (AU); if there were alterations in the air conduction (AC), bone(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The sensitivity of prediction of acoustic reflex, in determining the level of hearing loss, is especially useful in paediatric populations. It is based on the difference between the pure tone stapedius reflex threshold and contralateral white noise. The white noise threshold was 60 dB and that of pure tone was 80 dB. Our(More)
INTRODUCTION Programming the cochlear implant (CI) has always been a challenge for all medical specialists in audiology, especially in pediatric patients without language secondary profound hearing loss. For this reason are searched alternatives to achieve normal hearing with the implant during programming in the shortest time possible. OBJECTIVE To(More)
Binaural hearing allows the optimal performance of the auditory system with a better perception of the sounds that make up language and better discrimination in noisy environments. The use of binaural-bimodal stimulation includes a combination of 2 different pacing modes: a cochlear implant in one ear , and acoustic stimulation through a conventional(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Speech perception that takes place in the cochlea is involved in the process of language. The objective was to describe the findings in transient otoacoustic emissions in children with language problems before and after 6 months of speech therapy. METHODS There were 17 children with language problems between 3 and 6 years of(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose is report the results of cochlear implant program in this Institute, since our first surgery from November 2007, until December 2012. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross-sectional study, observational, descriptive, analyzing the information about thresholds before and after implantation, using patients files (diagnosis, onset of hearing(More)
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