Ileana Amicuzi

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We report the case of a 4.6-year-old girl born pre-term with early bilateral occipital damage. It was revealed that the child had non-severely impaired basic visual abilities and ocular motility, a selective perceptual deficit of figure-ground segregation, impaired visual recognition and abnormal navigating through space. Even if the child's visual(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate comprehensive neuropsychological outcome, disabilities in daily life and individual recovery processes in a case of anoxic encephalopathy. DESIGN A 9-year-old child's functional outcome after anoxic coma was evaluated in a follow-up study with assessments at 5, 9 and 12 months post-injury. A comprehensive neuropsychological(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate neurocognitive and language functions in a single case presenting with modality-specific naming difficulties secondary to traumatic brain injury (TBI). DESIGN A comprehensive neuropsychological testing and specific assessment of naming and recognition functions were administered. Follow-up testing was administered 2 years(More)
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