Ildiko Mohacsy

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This article tackles one of the timeliest issues for both practitioners and patients today: sentiment, psychodynamics, and the stock market. Economic bubbles and crashes have occurred regularly through history -- from Holland's 17th century tulip mania, to America's 19th century railway mania, to the 1990s high-tech obsession. Though most investors regard(More)
  • I Mohacsy
  • 1984
The legend of the unicorn, which pervaded art and literature in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, has been curiously ignored by psychoanalytic writers. A close study of two forms of the legend - the early "virgin capture" and its later, expanded version, the "Holy Hunt," both of them Christian allegories - reveals, first, that the story is a reflection of(More)
This article deals with one of the most notable artists of 17th century Italy: Artemisia Gentileschi. Gentileschi holds a unique place in art history, both as a woman artist and as the first female member of the Academy of Design in Florence. Brought up to be an artist by her father--the painter Orazio Gentileschi--she was allowed to work in his studio, use(More)
  • I Mohacsy
  • 1988
One of the most popular subjects of European art in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance was the legend of the unicorn, whereby the mythical beast, otherwise uncapturable, was lured into the lap of a beautiful virgin--an allegory of Christ's Incarnation. The curiously double nature of the virgin in this tale, her purity versus her duplicity, seems(More)