Ildikó Varga

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We examined bone densitometric data in a four-year follow-up period before and after the cure of CS. Plasma cortisol concentrations were similar, but the duration of estimated glucocorticoid excess was longer in patients with prevalent bone fractures compared to those without fractures. After therapy of CS, bone area, BMC and BMD increased significantly at(More)
A pituitary adenoma was transsphenoidally removed from a 4.5-year-old girl suffering from gigantism. Prior to the operation both the growth hormone (GH) and the prolactin (PRL) levels in the serum were elevated. By light microscopy the tumor appeared to be an acidophilic adenoma. Two distinct cell types, the densely granulated and the sparsely granulated(More)
To produce monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), Balb/c AnN Crl BR mice were inoculated with the cell suspension of a Hungarian Mycoplasma bovis strain designated 26034. Three days after the last immunization the spleen of the immunized mouse was removed aseptically. The fusion of spleen cells with Sp2/0-Ag14 murine myeloma cells was performed in the presence of(More)
BACKGROUND While patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have a high prevalence of classical coronary risk factors, there is increasing evidence that atherosclerosis is different in renal compared to nonrenal patients. Therefore, the present study compares changes in different vessels obtained at cardiac surgery between patients with early and advanced(More)
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