Ildikó Szatmári

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A novel, single stage high resolution mass spectrometry-based method is presented for the population level screening of inborn errors of metabolism. The approach proposed here extends traditional electrospray tandem mass spectrometry screening by introducing nanospray ionization and high resolution mass spectrometry, allowing the selective detection of more(More)
Using Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) we can gather information from a whole volume and thus we can avoid the small depth of field constraint of the conventional microscopes. This way a volume inspection system can be constructed, which is capable to find, segment, collect, and later classify those objects that flow through an inspection chamber.(More)
Biotinidase activity assay is included in most newborn screening protocols, and the positive results are confirmed by quantitative enzyme activity measurements. In our study, we describe a new quantitative analytical method for the determination of biotinidase activity using the blood sample deposited onto filter paper as the assay medium, by predepositing(More)
In this work we discuss feature/signature selection strategies for on-line classifier systems, implemented on a common stand-alone HW/SW vision system. In the chosen computational environment topographic and non-topographic computing can be combined for the targeted task of terrain feature analysis. The topographic front-end of the system is capable of(More)
BACKGROUND Infections, mostly of viral origin, may contribute to the seasonal variation in the onset of type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). The rs1990760 (A>G, Ala946Thr) polymorphism (GG genotype) of the interferon induced helicase (IFIH1), a virus recognition receptor, confers a modest protection for T1DM. The aim of our study was to evaluate a possible(More)
The rs1990760 polymorphism (Ala946Thr) of interferon induced with helicase C domain 1 (IFIH1) has been proposed to associate with type 1 diabetes. In this study, association between IFIH1 Ala946Thr and type 1 diabetes was investigated in two distinct white populations, the Hungarians and Finns. The rs1990760 polymorphism was genotyped in 757/509(More)
In this work, we present an architecture and algorithmic framework where topographic and non-topographic computation is combined on the basis of several artificial neural network models. The algorithm cores utilize an analogic (analog and logical) architecture consisting of a high resolution optical sensor, a low resolution cellular sensor-processor(More)
Inherited errors of metabolism are rare genetic disorders characterized by diverse clinical and biochemical phenotypes. The complexity of signs and symptoms often presents a challenge for both clinicians and laboratory specialists. In many cases, prevention of permanent neurological symptoms or death in patients presenting these disorders is dependent on(More)
Reaction-diffusion models of active media provide a quite general framework for describing pattern formation phenomena in very different systems. Here, we extend this model and show that in oscillatory systems more complex oscillatory wave patterns might emerge based on different locally coupled interactions. Autonomous, two-layer Cellular Neural/Nonlinear(More)
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