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STUDY OBJECTIVES To evaluate epoch by epoch agreement in sleep stage assignment between scorers from different laboratories. DESIGN N/A. METHODS 62 NPSGs were selected for analysis from 3 sleep centers (38 diagnostic studies for sleep disordered breathing [SDB], 10 studies during CPAP titration, and 14 studies in subjects with no sleep related(More)
INTRODUCTION A biobank is a registry, which is suitable for the storage of biological samples (e.g. tissues, DNA, protein), genetical abnormalities and clinical data. Several biobanks have been created worldwide, which contribute to research and the better understanding of disease pathogenesis, genetical polymorphisms. Biobanking also helps to improve the(More)
Multiple myeloma (MM) is an immedicable malignancy of the human plasma cells producing abnormal antibodies (also referred to as paraproteins) leading to kidney problems and hyperviscosity syndrome. In this paper, we report on the N-glycosylation analysis of paraproteins from total human serum as well as the fragment crystallizable region (Fc ) and fragment(More)