Ildemaro J. Volcan

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Minimally invasive spine surgery is increasingly used to treat various spinal pathologies with the goal of minimizing destruction of the surrounding tissues. Rhabdomyolysis (RM) is a rare but known complication of spine surgery, and acute renal failure (ARF) is in turn a potential complication of severe RM. The authors report the first known case series of(More)
Valuable neuroradiologic information can be obtained with routine examination of the posterior fossa by computer assisted tomography (CAT). The diagnosis can be difficult in the posterior fossa due to the relatively small size of the compartment and its proximities to large bony masses and air in the mastoid cells. However, many lesions can be accurately(More)
Dakwar E, Uribe JS The thoracolumbar junction, encompassing the eleventh thoracic to the second lumbar vertebrae (T11-L2), is a common location for traumatic and nontraumatic pathologies because of the relative rigidity of the thoracic spine (afforded by the ribs and their sternal attachments) superiorly and the mobility of the lumbar region inferiorly.1-3(More)
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