Ildar Salakhutdinov

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We analyze the evolution of the modes in nanoplasmonic multilayered structures and study the transition of the optical properties of these systems to the effective-medium regime. We derive the effective-medium parameters and study the validity of our analytical results with exact numerical solutions of Maxwell equations. Finally, we explore the applications(More)
Uniform period sub-micron gratings have been fabricated using focused ion beam milling on hafnium oxide waveguides. Atomic force microscopy indicates that the gratings have smooth and uniform profiles. At the period of 330 nm, the largest peak-to-peak height that was achieved was 85 nm. Scattering at the grating imperfections was found to be at least two(More)
An array of design strategies have been targeted toward minimizing failure of implanted microelectrodes by minimizing the chronic glial scar around the microelectrode under chronic conditions. Current approaches toward inhibiting the initiation of glial scarring range from altering the geometry, roughness, size, shape, and materials of the device. Studies(More)
We describe the concept of a super compact diffractive imaging spectrometer, with optical components a few millimeters across in all dimensions, capable of detecting optical fluorescence spectra within the entire visible spectral range from 400 nm to 700 nm with resolution of the order of 2 nm. In addition, the proposed spectrometer is capable of working(More)
A miniature optical spectrometer with a thin-film planar waveguide grating coupler in combination with a miniature plano-convex focusing lens has been investigated. With optical part of the spectrometer as small as 0.2 cubic cm, the spectral resolution varies from 0.3 nm to 4.6 nm within the wavelength range 488.0 nm - 632.8 nm.
We have developed a super compact optical fluorescence spectrometer. Our innovative design combines advantages of guided wave planar optics and free-space microoptics. This innovation allows for miniaturization that is not achievable with pure planar or pure free-space optics. A prototype device has volume of its optical part below 1cm. The spectrometer(More)
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A method for the determination of the optical constants of thin films based on the combination of a waveguide measurement procedure with the spectroscopic measurements made from the UV to the IR is presented. As a test material AlN thin film on sapphire substrates is investigated.
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