Ildar D. Sham’yanov

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Quercus robur L. (Fagaceae) has been used since antiquity in folk and practical medicine to treat various diseases [1, 2]. This species is broadly distributed and grows in all regions of Europe, the Caucasus, and Asia Minor, where it is one of the principal woody species [1]. The chemistry of the European population of Q. robur is well studied. The(More)
The title compound, C18H16O8, was isolated from the plant Artemisia baldshuanica Krasch et Zarp. The mol-ecule is approximately planar, with the exception of the terminal methyl groups, the C atoms of which devitate from their attached ring planes by 1.243 (5) and 1.168 (5) Å. The dihedral angle between the substituted benzopyran and benzene rings is 5.8(More)
Mausolea eriocarpa (Bunge) Poljakov is the only species in the monotypic genus Mausolea Bunge and belongs to the Anthemideae tribe of the family Asteraceae. The species was described by Bunge in the genus Artemisia L. as A. eriocarpa Bunge. In 1961, Poljakov separated it as a special genus based on several morphological traits [1]. Later, it was(More)
An x-ray structure analysis of the 13-diethanolamino derivative of deacetyllaurenobiolide, a germacrane sesquiterpene lactone, was performed. The germacrane macrocycle has the chairchair conformation with the 15D5,1D14 configuration. The conformation of the macrocycle in linear germacrolides was analyzed.
New diterpenoid alkaloids that were called artekorine (1) and 6-ketoartekorine (2) and had the structures 1α,14α,16β-trimethoxy-4β-N-acetylanthroyloxy-6β,8β-dihydroxy-N-ethylaconitane (1) and 1α,14α,16jtrimethoxy-4β-N-acetylanthroyloxy-6-keto-8β-hydroxy-N-ethylaconitane (2) in addition to sesquiterpene lactones were isolated for the first time from a plant(More)
Two eudesmane sesquiterpene lactones of composition C17H24O5 were isolated from the aerial part of Artemisia lehmanniana Bunge. X-ray structure analysis established their crystal and molecular structures.
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