Ildar Akhmetov

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The pharma ecosphere is witnessing a measured transformation from the one-size-fits-all or blockbuster model of drugs to more informed and tailored personalized treatments that facilitate higher safety and efficacy for a relevant sub-population. However, with several breakthroughs still in a nascent stage, market access becomes a crucial factor for(More)
Molecular diagnostic tests drive the scientific and technological uplift in the field of predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine offering invaluable clinical and socioeconomic benefits to the key stakeholders. Although the results of diagnostic tests are immensely influential, molecular diagnostic tests (MDx) are still grudgingly reimbursed by(More)
The distribution of allele and genotype frequencies of the muscle-specific creatine kinase (CKMM) gene A/G polymorphism in athletes (n = 384) and control subjects (n = 1116) was investigated, and the interrelation between genotypes and aerobic capacity in boat race rowers (n = 85) was revealed. Genotyping was performed using restriction fragment length(More)
Physical activity phenotypes are highly poligenic. Skeletal muscle-specific AMP deaminase isoform, encoded by AMPD1 gene, is stimulated after short-term highly intense exercise and is an important regulator of muscular energy metabolism in exercise. Analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphisms detected much lesser frequency of AMPD1 allele T and(More)
As reimbursement authorities are gaining greater power to influence the prescription behavior of physicians, it remains critical for life science companies focusing on personalized medicine to develop “tailor-made” payer engagement strategies to secure reimbursement and assure timely patient access to their innovative products. Depending on the types of(More)
A1 Predictive and prognostic biomarker panel for targeted application of radioembolisation improving individual outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma Jella-Andrea Abraham, Olga Golubnitschaja A2 Integrated market access approach amplifying value of “Rx-CDx” Ildar Akhmetov A3 Disaster response: an opportunity to improve global healthcare Russell J. Andrews,(More)
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