Ilche Georgievski

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In addition to providing for a more reliable distribution infrastructure, the smart grid promises to give the end users better pricing and usage information. It is thus interesting for them to be ready to take advantage of features such as dynamic energy pricing and real-time choice of operators. In this work, we propose a system to monitor and control an(More)
Energy-saving offices require autonomous and optimised control of integrated devices and appliances with the objective of saving energy while the occupant comfort and productivity are preserved. We propose an approach that analyses and controls an office space and accounts for the objectives of energy-saving offices. The approach considers ontology-based(More)
The availability of Web services with similar functionality but different QoS values creates new challenges for Web services composition: not only functional properties of the composed service must be satisfied, but also non-functional properties such as response time and throughput must be optimal. We present RuGQoS'10 system for QoS-Aware Web services(More)
The goal of ubiquitous computing is to create ambience in which one’s experiences and quality of life are improved by monitoring and assisting people using ubiquitous technologies and computation in coherence. The continuous advancements of involved technologies, such as wireless communications, mobile devices, and sensors, imply fast evolution of(More)