Ilario Menchi

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The male urethral imaging and pathology is not widespread in the radiology literature because this part of the urinary tract is easily studied by urologists with clinical or endoscopic examinations. Ultrasonography and MR imaging are increasingly being used in association with voiding cystourethrography and retrograde urethrography. The posterior urethra is(More)
PURPOSE This paper reports our early experience in the treatment of haemoptysis with embolization of the bronchial arteries using detachable coils. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten patients (mean age 45 years, range 23-83) with haemoptysis due to bronchoscopic biopsy of indeterminate lung nodules, lung cancer, tubercular bronchiectasis, cystic bronchiectasis or(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the accuracy of endorectal coil MRI in the local staging of prostate carcinoma. A total of 73 patients with biopsy-proven prostate carcinoma were examined at 0.5 T prior being submitted to radical prostatectomy. The gold standard was provided in all patients by findings at whole-mount sectioning of the surgical(More)
AIM To report our experience with computed tomography colonography (CTC) systematically performed in subjects with positive faecal occult blood test (FOBT) and an incomplete colonoscopy in the setting of a population-based screening for colorectal cancer (CRC). METHODS From April 2006 to April 2007, 43290 individuals (age range 50-70) who adhered to the(More)
Prostate cancer is a controversial disease. Other than skin cancer, it is the most common type of cancer in men. The American Cancer Society predicts that there will be more than 180,000 new cases in the year 2000 in the United States and that more than 31,000 men will die of this disease. Despite these figures, there is no consensus in the medical(More)
Retrograde urethrography is the method commonly employed in the detection of anterior male urethra pathology. Ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging have been proposed recently as new methods that can replace conventional radiography. Normal urethral anatomy can be easily studied after saline distention of the urethra, which creates high contrast(More)
A key problem in clinical practice and research regards effective communication and comparison of results. This is particularly difficult between different specialities that use different definitions and terms for lower urinary tract dysfunction. We therefore tried to adapt the document on the “Standardisation of Terminology of Lower Urinary Tract Function”(More)
Different therapeutic options for the management of prostate cancer (PC) have been developed, and some are successful in providing crucial improvement in both survival and quality of life, especially in patients with metastatic castration-resistant PC. In this scenario, diverse combinations of radiopharmaceuticals (for targeting bone, cancer cells and(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery is the standard of care in several oncologic diseases. However, when non-surgical candidates are not suitable for radical treatment, palliation must be achieved at least. High-intensity focused ultrasound uses ultrasound power that can be sharply focused for highly localised application, as it is a completely non-invasive procedure. Its(More)
The composition of the prostatic capsule is important from a clinical point of view, since it is considered to be a barrier against the spread of prostatic tumours. Clinical follow-up demonstrates that apparently intracapsular tumours, particularly in the posterosuperior region of the gland, are frequently understaged at clinical diagnosis. The morphology(More)
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