Ilario Boscolo

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The Project SPARC (Sorgente Pulsata e Amplificata di Radiazione Coerente), proposed by a collaboration among ENEA-INFN-CNR-Universita` di Roma Tor VergataINFM-ST, was recently funded by the Italian Government. The aim of the project is to promote an R&D activity oriented to the development of a coherent ultra-brilliant X-ray source in Italy (SPARX proposal(More)
We address the generation of entangled photon pairs by parametric downconversion from solid state cw lasers with small coherence time. We consider a compact and low-cost setup based on a two-crystal scheme with type-I phase matching. We reconstruct the full density matrix by quantum tomography and analyze in detail the entanglement properties of the(More)
Mg films deposited by pulsed laser ablation on a Cu substrate were tested as photocathodes in a DC diode. They showed features of robustness and a quantum efficiency of 3 10 4 at low accelerating field when illuminated by 266 nm light at normal incidence. A graphite protective layer of about 20 nm thickness deposited by laser ablation just after the Mg(More)
AIM This study was performed to evaluate the effects on the cardiocirculatory system, on perioperative anxiety and compliance of sedation with 2 benzodiazepines, chlordemethyldiazepam (CDDZ) a long acting oral drug for presedation and midazolam, a short acting drug, administered by nasal route to induce intraoperative sedation. METHODS Fifty randomized(More)
Aim: To evaluate late suine surfactant therapy for the pulmonary disease in extremely low birth weight infants (ELBW).Methods: A retrospective study of all ELBW admitted in the NICU of Vicenza during 2007-2009. Patients were divided into three groups: early surfactant for respiratory distress syndrome (Group 1), late surfactant for postsurfactant slump(More)
The SPARC Project is starting the commissioning of its photo-injector. RF gun, RF sources, RF network and control, power supplies, emittance meter, beam diagnostics and control to measure the RF gun beam have been installed. The photocathode drive laser has been characterized in terms of pulse shape and quality. We will report also about first tests made on(More)
Experimental results on photoemission by ferroelectric ceramic disks, with a possible interpretation, are presented. Two types of lead zirconate titanate lanthanum doped, PLZT, ceramics have been used for tests. 25 ps light pulses of 532 and 355 nm were used for excitation. The intensity ranged within the interval 0.1-3 GW/cm. The upper limit of the(More)
The single spike operation regime has been analyzed in the case of the SPARC injector and freeelectron-laser. Four different beams at 50 pC are studied, with different production condition and performance. SINGLE SPIKE OPERATION IN SPARC SASE-FEL I. Boscolo, F.Castelli, S. Cialdi, V. Petrillo, Università di Milano, Milano (Italy) A.Bacci, L.Serafini, INFN,(More)
Electron emission from ceramic disks depends strongly on the shape of the front electrode. The common interconnected grid is not good for a stable emission. An electrode consisting of an ensemble of metal point-like islands within a metal ring leads to quite a stable emission. In the first case the sandwich of the continuous electrode (on one surface) and(More)
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