Ilaria Tiddi

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A growing corpus of online informal reviews is generated every day by non-experts, on social networks and blogs, about an unlimited range of products and services. Users do not only express holistic opinions, but often focus on specific features of their interest. The automatic understanding of “what people think” at the feature level can greatly support(More)
We present Dedalo, a framework which is able to exploit Linked Data to generate explanations for clusters. In general, any result of a Knowledge Discovery process, including clusters, is interpreted by human experts who use their background knowledge to explain them. However, for someone without such expert knowledge, those results may be difficult to(More)
Link traversal is one of the biggest advantages of Linked Data, as it allows the serendipitous discovery of new knowledge thanks to the natural connections between data of different sources. Our general problem is to understand how such a property can benefit the Knowledge Discovery process: in particular, we aim at using Linked Data to explain the patterns(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of a mobile, autonomous agent to update knowledge bases containing statements that lose validity with time. This constitutes a key issue in terms of knowledge acquisition and representation, because dynamic data need to be constantly re-evaluated to allow reasoning. We focus on the way to represent the timevalidity of(More)
The goal of this work is to learn a measure supporting the detection of strong relationships between Linked Data entities. Such relationships can be represented as paths of entities and properties, and can be obtained through a blind graph search process traversing Linked Data. The challenge here is therefore the design of a cost-function that is able to(More)
Knowledge Discovery consists in discovering hidden regularities in large amounts of data using data mining techniques. The obtained patterns require an interpretation that is usually achieved using some background knowledge given by experts from several domains. On the other hand, the rise of Linked Data has increased the number of connected(More)