Ilaria Ricozzi

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BACKGROUND Multimarker reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was originally reported to reveal melanoma-associated mRNAs (MAMs) in melanoma cells but not in the peripheral blood of healthy individuals. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the expression of MAMs in the peripheral blood of melanoma patients at different American Joint Committee on(More)
MCAM/MUC18 is a cell adhesion molecule associated with higher incidence of relapse in melanoma. The purpose of our study was to evaluate its role as a promising disease biomarker of progression through sequential molecular MCAM/MUC18 RT-PCR assay on serial blood samples collected during the clinical follow-up of 175 melanoma patients in different American(More)
The detoxifying enzyme glutathione-s-transferase pi (GST-π) is present in keratinocytes and melanocytes and exerts a protective role against tumour progression. Melanomas close to melanocytic naevus remnants occur less frequently on sun-exposed areas, whereas solar dermal elastosis, hallmark of chronic sun-damage, characterise melanomas on sun-exposed skin.(More)
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