Ilaria Morbioli

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After their successful use as a preorganized platform for the preparation of receptors for metal ions and small neutral molecules over the last 15 years, calixarenes are enjoying a renaissance of popularity as scaffolds for ligands that are able to efficiently and selectively target macromolecules such as proteins/enzymes, nucleic acids and lipids. This(More)
We recently reported on the activity of cationic amphiphiles in inhibiting TLR4 activation and subsequent production of inflammatory cytokines in cells and in animal models. Starting from the assumption that opportunely designed cationic amphiphiles can behave as CD14/MD-2 ligands and therefore modulate the TLR4 signaling, we present here a panel of(More)
Two pyrene based organogelators in which the pyrene moiety has been linked to the diphenylalanine dipeptide have been synthesized. We show how the solvent can tune both the morphology and the optical properties of the organogels: spherical aggregates with quenched emission were obtained in acetonitrile, whereas an entangled fibrillar network with enhanced(More)
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